Global Finals 2014

30 Mar

Our Graduation Ceremony is a very special event provided for all high school seniors and college students receiving degrees. Check-in is at 6:45 p.m. at the World’s Fair Park Amphitheater, and the ceremony begins promptly at 7:30 p.m. on Friday May 23rd. Most participants wear caps and gowns or dressier clothing.

There is no registration deadline for High School & College Graduation. You can register online through the form below or on-site at the Graduation Ceremony. If you would like your photo to be included in the slideshow, however, please submit it by May 15.

At this year's Graduation Ceremony, we will have to very special guest speakers: "American Idol" star and DI alumna, Rachel Hale, and founder and curator at TEDxTheWoodlands, Peter Han. 

Rachel Hale is a singer and songwriter from Prescott, Arkansas, and is also a Destination Imagination alumna. She was a featured contestant on Season 12 of "American Idol" and was a Top 20 female finalist competing in the “live” shows. Billboard ranked her performance of “Nothing but the Water” as one of the Top 12 Performances of the entire season. Rachel has shared the stage with musicians such as Tracy Byrd, Joe Nichols, Peter Frampton and Ricki Skaggs. 

Peter Han is the founder and curator at TECxTheWoodlands in Texas. He has developed and lead learning programs focused on innovation, leadership and communication skills for professionals and executives in more than 15 countries including The Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Argentina, Venezuela, Russia, France, Germany, UAE, India, Bahrain, Brazil, Mexico and The United Kingdom. He also works with his son, Javier Hernandez-Han, on solving real-world problems through major projects. In 2012, his son Javier was named one of Forbes' '30 under 30' for inventing an a system that uses algae to digest sewage and capture methane for use as fuel. 

In addition to attending Graduation Ceremony, you can also apply to be the valedictorian! Click here for more details.


27 Mar


We’re proud to announce that DI alumna and "American Idol" star Rachel Hale will be joining us at Global Finals 2014! In addition to performing at the Welcome Ceremony, Global Finals participants will have the opportunity of a lifetime to help co-write a DI-inspired song with her during a songwriting workshop. 
Rachel Hale, is a singer and songwriter from Prescott, Arkansas, and was a Top 20 female finalist on “American Idol” Season 12, singing “live” before 18 million people. Since then, she has appeared on ABCs “Nashville” and has opened for renowned musicians including Tracy Byrd, Joe Nichols, and Chris Cagle. Billboard Magazine ranked her performance of “Nothing But the Water” as one of the Top 12 performances of the entire season. Check out her amazing performance below!
25 Mar
Our team at DataWind is extremely excited to return to DI Global Finals this year! We absolutely enjoyed our first trip to Global Finals last year and were thrilled to see such an enthusiastic response from so many creative kids and adults. Since our pre-launch tablet reveal at last year’s show, we’ve since rolled out our range in the US, Canada and UK markets and are ecstatic about the opportunity to help revolutionize technology in the education industry by providing affordable low-cost Android tablet PCs for as little as $37.99. At Global Finals 2014, we will be showcasing our Android tablet PCs and are looking forward to sharing with you the ways in which we’re working hard to change the world - one internet connection at a time.
20 Mar
You have been holding your team’s parents back from giving ideas and solving your DI Challenge all year long. Guess what – NOW they can get involved, make decisions, and do something for the team! You have 4 – 6 weeks to raise $10,000 - $15,000; it sounds daunting, but with some perseverance (one of the skills learned by your team this year) you can make it happen.
If your team hasn’t finished competition yet, please remember that every team has the opportunity make it to Global Finals, so it is time to start thinking about how you are going to raise the money. Have a conversation about the possibility with your team parents before the Affiliate Tournament. Once you learn that your team has earned the honor to represent your Affiliate at Global Finals (I get chills remembering that feeling!), set up a meeting with the team’s parents to discuss fundraising strategies.
One word of advice dear Team Manager: You are not the only person responsible for raising the money. The team and the parents are all equally responsible for raising the money for the team to attend. If parents and other family members want to accompany their students, this will increase the cost significantly. You may want to consider fundraising just for the team members and the official Team Manager(s) and having the additional people be responsible for their own expenses.

So, how are you going to raise the money? Here are some ideas:

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