Global Finals 2014

09 May
Explore our rainforests in this year’s 3M Explore the Uncharted exhibit! 
The rainforest is a huge part of our planet’s ecosystem and home to thousands of species found nowhere else in the world. Take a journey from the top of the rainforest canopy to the forest floor as you encounter plants and animals, as well as a few Challenges, along the way. Gather supplies and interact with your surroundings while testing your teamwork skills on this awesome adventure!
Registration is now full for 3M Explore the Uncharted. Stop by our spectator zone to check out some of your friends in action!
08 May
There are so many amazing festivities taking place at this year’s Global Finals, including the Destination Imagination Tournament, creative and interactive exhibitions in the Innovation Expo, Skills Workshops, Camps, the International Passport Party, a brand new 3M Explore the Uncharted Challenge, and much more. But in addition to the events taking place on campus, there are also a variety of great off-campus day trips and tours that you and your team can check out during your stay in Knoxville. Once you check your team's performance schedule, it’s time to start planning your days at Global Finals!
Full Schedule of Events
Check out our Schedule Page for the most current event times and descriptions for On-Campus Events. To view our Off-Campus Events page, click here
Off- Campus Field Trips
Destination Imagination and the University of Tennessee have partnered to offer a variety of educational field trips for students attending Global Finals. Many of these extra activities take about 6 hours and should be enjoyed on the day when your team does not have competition.
Tickets are required and must be purchased online before May 19th at
07 May

The Destination Imagination Support Committee (DISC) is an amazing committee that helps support the goals of Destination Imagination and its participants. Each year, DISC conducts a silent auction and the funds from the auction are used to provide scholarships to DI participants.
The silent auction is open to anyone, not just Global Finals attendees!
This year’s featured auction item is the Large Pin Towel. During Global Finals we ask everyone to donate one of their pins to the towel for the auction. While we don't get every pin at Global Finals, we do collect a large number of them. We also have a very special mystery item up for auction this year! So even if you are not attending Global Finals, you can still join in on the excitement by bidding on these items! To preview the items available in the online auction, click here.
For more information on the auction, including instructions and registration, please visit
06 May
Can you imagine what the world would be like if we didn’t have a patent system?  Innovation plays a key role in our growing economy, and patents can be very important for the individual inventor whose rights are protected as well as the economy. 
To further educate teens on the importance of the patent system, the Intellectual Property Owners (IPO) Education Foundation recently launched its 4th Annual IP Video Contest and they’re looking for innovative students (like DI-ers!) to show how essential this system is in creative ways.
The contest is open to teens, ages 13-18, as well as students ages 19 and older. 
Students are encouraged to create a video that shows why they think the patent system is important by answering one of the following questions:
1. How has a recent patented invention improved the quality of your life? 
2. Has anyone in your family or community built a business on a patented invention? If so, how has it affected you? 
3. How has a patented invention created new jobs and new industries in your community?
4. How has a patented invention saved or improved the quality of someone’s life, enhanced their education, improved their connectivity, etc.? 
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