Global Finals 2014

Thank You, 3M!

25 May

We would like to give a huge, heartfelt thanks to 3M for their continued support throughout the Destination Imagination season and at Global finals 2014. Teams from around the world visited the 3M Duct Tape Playground to make crafts out of their favorite 3M duct tape colors and patterns, as well as participate in the tape-by-numbers mural to help make gigantic duct tape artwork. This year’s 3M Duct Tape Playground also included a bus, where DI-ers and families worked together to cover it completely in duct tape. They also helped put together hundreds of school supplies kits, which will be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Knoxville after Global Finals.

At this year’s 3M Explore the Uncharted event, participants explored the tropical depths of a simulated rainforest and encountered mini Challenges along the way. DI-ers headed to an anaconda-infested waterfall, had a dance off with a tropical bird and used their creativity and quick thinking skills to free caged animals that had been captured by poachers.

We are grateful for 3M, for not only providing creative exhibits for Global Finals participants, but for helping support the DI Challenge program each year. Thank you!

Duct Tape Playground

To view more photos from 3M Explore the Uncharted and the 3M Duct Tape Playground, click here


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