Global Finals 2014

NASA Hosts Challenging Boot Camp

23 May

The NASA Instant Challenge Boot Camp on Thursday inspired Global Finals teams to explore outer space and science. Participants worked their way through seven Instant Challenges ranging from task to performance-based to hybrids. One Challenge—called Meteorite Shower—involved protecting an egg from falling from the sky.

“This is completely 100 percent for fun, so the camp is not judged,” said camp director Paige Curtis. “This is a place for them to try new Challenges where there’s no pressure. We hope they gain experience with ‘thinking-on-your-feet skills,’ which is something they should get out of the DI program.

Manuel Soto of the Flappy Chapines of Guatemala enjoyed the NASA Boot Camp. “I liked all the Challenges and that we used teamwork and didn’t fight,” Soto said. “It was fun working with other teams even though we didn’t know how to communicate.”

With electric interactive exhibits, including the Multi-Axis Trainer, you won’t want to miss the NASA and U.S. Space & Rocket Center booth at the Innovation Expo. Thee Expo is open today from 9-5pm and Saturday from 9-3pm. 

—Ashley Hill


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