Global Finals 2014

Sending Props to Globals

Prop Shipment

Click here to access the Prop Shipment Form.
You are ultimately responsible for shipment of your team’s props. Please pay close attention to these procedures and policies and note the following:
  • Props should be well packed so they can be opened for inspection and then re-packed. Print address information directly on your props.
  • Each prop shipment box must have the approved Prop Shipment Form attached for shipment. This form will be provided upon registering your prop shipment at Attach the printed form to each box that you are shipping. If you do not complete the prop registration process, your props will not be accepted.
  • Props will be received from May 1 – 15 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m, on Monday through Friday only. Please advise your courier.
  • Props shipped in advance will be delivered to the Prop Storage Area at your Challenge site. Props should be packaged to fit through a standard doorway, approximately 30in wide x 76in high (.76m x 1.93 m). Please check the prop delivery website to see if your props will be able to be delivered to your competition site. lf they are packaged in a way that is too large to fit through a standard doorway, your team may be required to disassemble the boxes at a central storage facility when you arrive in Knoxville. After disassembly, our prop delivery system will assist you in delivering your props to the appropriate Challenge site. Be sure to check with the prop desk at Registration to make sure that your props have been delivered to your Prop Storage Area.
  • Packages not clearly marked will not be delivered to any Challenge sites but will be stored at the central storage facility until claimed at the Prop Information Desk at Registration.

We are committed to doing everything possible to make sure your props are ready for you when you arrive. You may call (865) 974-0263 to inquire about your props or to get additional information.

Prop Shipment Address:

Attn: UT Conferences
525 Henley Street
North Loading Dock
Knoxville, TN 37902


At the Event

  • Please review these requirements, and be sure to bring tools to open your prop crates and reassemble your props!
  • No package should be left unattended in any location other than the official Prop Storage Areas, sleeping rooms and locked vehicles. Props in vehicles must be secured and out of sight. Unattended props are subject to removal.
  • Props stored in a Prop Storage Area must have a Prop Identification Form attached to each box and are subject to inspection by event personnel at any time. These forms are available at Registration. Prop trucks will not transport props without fully completed Prop Identification Forms.
  • In order to fit into the shipping cartons, some props have to be taken apart. If so, pack the prop parts in appropriate boxes, and reassemble them on the first day after you have arrived. Don’t wait, as some of your items may have been damaged in shipping and you may need to give your team time to recover.
  • Props being discarded must be disassembled and all boxes must be broken down before being placed in recycling or trash receptacles. Significant efforts will be made at Global Finals to recycle as many of the discarded props and boxes as possible. Cardboard recycling sites are located at Prop Storage Areas and Challenge sites. Any props left in Prop Storage Areas after the end of tournament Saturday will be discarded or recycled.
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