Global Finals 2014


Fundraising for Global FinalsSchool-Related Funding Sources

Some schools and/or school districts have “discretionary funds” or “student activities funds” to cover the cost of an athletic team, the band, etc. going to a tournament or competition.  If you approach your School Board (sometimes directly and sometimes through your Principal, depending on your school district), you could potentially receive a donation or full financial support.  School systems are typically very proud of students who are a part of academic teams advancing to regional, state and global academic competitions. 


Parent Groups, Service & Community Organizations

Your school’s PTA, PTO or HSA (Parent Teacher Association/Organization, Home & School Association) often donate funds to groups of students who have advanced to higher-level competitions or tournaments and who will be proudly representing the school.  These groups may even host a special fundraiser with you and dedicate the funds raised to sponsoring your team’s trip to Global Finals.  Teams, including those that have not been organized through a school, may want to approach service organizations in their community, such as the Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Civic Association and the Chamber of Commerce.  All have been known to sponsor and/or donate funds to students who are advancing to higher-level competitions.  It is a matter of civic and community pride that these organizations want to contribute to the development and success of youth in their communities.  You may want to reach out to your local county commissioner, State Representative and/or State Senator.  Your elected officials are great resources for either contributing to your effort or connecting you with people and places in your community that may want to sponsor your team.  The important thing is that you approach all groups with a full presentation of your needs.  Explain to them what Destination Imagination is about as well as why it is valuable to you, your team and the community. 


Employers, Local Businesses & Community Newspapers      

Companies and/or businesses where your team’s parents, grandparents, friends of family and other acquaintances work are often potential sources of funds.  Many companies have community funds for which an employee can apply.  Encourage your team members’ parents to explore whether their employers have funds available to support community projects such as your team’s trip to Global Finals.  You may also want to approach local businesses in your community where you and your family spend their hard earned money and where you are a valued customer, such as your hair salon/barber, mechanic, bank, supermarket, pharmacy, etc.  If you have a community newspaper, meet with the editor and let him/her know about DI and your team’s accomplishments.  The paper may want to feature your story and might get involved in promoting a “donation drive” or even a fundraiser you are organizing to encourage community support of your team’s participation at Global Finals.



  • Sell candy bars
  • Host a flea market or garage sale
  • Organize a walk-a-thon, dance-a-thon, or bike-a-thon
  • Sponsor a car wash
  • Raffle drawing
  • Concession stand at an event
  • Dress Down or Spirit Day at your School ($1.00 from every student to dress down or feature their school’s colors)
  • Pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner
  • Restaurant benefit (*many national restaurant chains sponsor fundraisers for schools and community organizations and donate a percentage of sales on a dedicated day/evening to the organization or school)
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