Global Finals 2014

Pin Trading

Pin TradingOne of the most favored, fun activities at Global Finals is trading pins with teams from around the world. Your Affiliate generally sells pins for this purpose. Pin trading is one of the best ways to get to know other teams from around the world who are attending the event. Your Affiliate Director will make suggestions to you regarding the appropriate number of pins that each team member have available to trade. Please remember: It is not the pin that is important, but rather the opportunity to meet someone from another state, province or country.

Note: If your team will be flying to Global Finals, make sure your team members pack their trading pins in their checked luggage. If not, they may be taken by security at the security checkpoint. Due to several issues regarding unfair pin trading practices, we have implemented a number of “Fair Pin Trading Zones” within the Knoxville Convention Center. These will be facilitated by volunteers, who can answer any questions and make sure everyone is trading pins fairly. Teams can trade pins away from those zones at their own risk.

Fair Pin Trading Code

  1. Trading must be done in a fair and honest manner.
  2. NEVER take advantage of younger or less experienced traders!
  3. It is OK to say NO!  You can always walk away from a trade that you are uncomfortable with or do not want to make.
  4. Never force another trader to make a trade that they do not want to make, no matter how badly you may want the pin that they have.
  5. Pins are to be traded. ONLY TRADED!! The sale of a pin(s) to another trader or the purchase of pins from unauthorized others is strictly prohibited.
  6. We strongly encourage the practice of trading 1 pin for 1 pin or a pin set for another pin set of equal number.    Highly coveted  pins, or pins in limited supply do take on values like stocks and bonds and go up and down so sometimes to get the trade you want you may have to give more if you really want it.
  7. Trade only in designated areas when inside the Convention Center
  8. Don’t interfere with others’ trades.
  9. Clean up your mess.

Click here to download the full pin trading guide

Pin Trading Video


Pin Trading Locations

The following areas are considered Fair Pin Trading zones:

  • Patio of the Park Concourse
  • World’s Fair Park
  • Presidential Courtyard
  • University Center Plaza

Affiliate Pin Contest at Global Finals

Note: This contest is for Affiliates only. Teams can not submit pins. Destination Imagination and "DI" are trademarked and cannot be used by anyone other than Affiliate Directors.

Top 10 Affiliate Pin Criteria for Global Finals 2014. Each Affiliate is eligible to enter a pin or pin set into the official pin trading registry for the event. The official trading pins will be included in the Friday edition of the event newspaper and will be eligible for the Top 10 Pins text voting contest that will occur on Saturday of Globals. The top 3 official trading pins will be announced live at Closing Celebration.

In order for a pin or pin set to be eligible to be part of the Official Trader Pin registry it must meet the following criteria:

  1. Include the full name Destination Imagination®, and/or the box-and ball logo, and/or the letters DI directly connected to other letters used to abbreviate the Affiliate (e.g. NJDI, MADI, LADI, NMDI).  WARNING: Affiliates are completely responsible for determining whether they have legal rights to any use of an abbreviation (see Q&A below for more information on this).  DI, Inc. is NOT responsible for the use of DI with or without additional letters on pins or apparel.
  2. Be purchased from a pin vendor licensed by Destination Imagination, Inc. for 2013-14.
  3. Be entered by the Affiliate Director.
  4. Two sample pins/pin sets must be delivered to our DI staff at Officials registration on or before noon on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. (One set for DISC/One set for Destination Imagination, Inc.– Sets will be provided for Affiliates who purchased from Plano Pins)

Any pins that are not registered into the official registry will not be considered official trading pins at Global Finals 2014. We hope you will consider participating in this exciting opportunity.

Q&A About the Official GF Pin Contest

Why does DI need two pins/pin sets submitted to participate in the Contest?

One of the samples submitted will be send to be photographed for the newspaper and the Global Finals website. The second set will be displayed in the pin trading zone in the Innovation Expo.


What will happen to the sample pin/pin set after Globals?

One set will be returned to Destination Imagination, Inc. headquarters for display and one set will be provided to DISC at Global Finals so they can use it as part of their fundraising efforts.


Can we expand the Official Conest guidelines to include the DI abbreviations that so many Affiliates use?

Yes! This is a great suggestion! We say yes with a WARNING! Destination Imagination, Inc. does not own the trademark for DI in the class in which pins and apparel items exist. The DI® trademark, in the class of pins/metal work and apparel, is owned by several other companies and use of it on pins or apparel is the equivalent of stealing property. Affiliates, at their own risk, can use abbreviations, such as NJDI, NYDI, LADI, MADI, on pins and apparel. Destination Imagination, Inc. is not responsible, in any way, for any improper or illegal usage of DI used in abbreviations on pins or apparel.  Affiliates should conduct their own research to determine if their abbreviation is trademarked by another company before using it. The best source for this information is


Are there any size, color, or style specifications for the inclusion of Destination Imagination®, box-n-ball logo, and/or legal Affiliate-DI abbreviation on the pins?

Use good judgement – that’s it! Pins should be good representations of the Destination Imagination brand. We recognize that pins are mainly used by an internal audience to DI. By using our licensed vendors, we expect that the quality of usage will be managed well.

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