Global Finals 2014


Challenge Sites

The Team Challenge sites will be spread around the University of Tennessee campus and the Knoxville Convention Center. Teams are encouraged to see as many Team Challenge solutions as possible while at the event. The Instant Challenge sites will be in the Humanities building on the UT campus. After completing an Instant Challenge, the team members will be escorted to a Chill Out area where they can prepare a festive “Ta-da!” exit celebration. Encourage your team members to cheer for other teams as they present their unique “Ta-da!” performances.

The Presentation Sites will be set up so the Appraisers and the audience will be able to see and enjoy your team’s Presentation to the fullest. Each Presentation Site has a Prop Storage Area nearby. If your team’s props were shipped, they will be delivered to the Prop Storage Area for your Challenge. See the Props section for more information.


Presentation Days

Your team’s Team Challenge and Instant Challenge Presentations will be scheduled on separate days during the tournament. You can check the days and times of your Presentations approximately 10 days prior to the event on the Global Finals website. Remember, this will be a 4-day event with Presentations Wednesday through Saturday.

On both your Team Challenge and Instant Challenge Presentation days, consider the time it may take to travel the bus route, as well as the time needed to ready all props and paperwork – and plan to leave your housing location early enough so the trip is fun and not stressful for the team. Try to arrive at each Prep Area earlier than the time indicated in your specific Challenge materials.


Prop Shuttles

There will be a prop pick-up/delivery service available for those purchasing a University housing/meal package. It will operate by reservation only from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. This service will transport your props between your housing location and the prop storage room at your Challenge site. If your team is in need of the prop shuttle service, please schedule pick-up and delivery times at Registration when you arrive. (Prop shuttle service cannot be guaranteed unless it is scheduled at Registration.)


Presentation Site

If you arrive on campus in time to do so before the tournament starts, make sure to take the team to see its Presentation Site. The way the site is configured may be different from what your team has experienced in previous tournaments. Seeing the site early will give the team time to adjust. You are welcome to see the site, but you are not permitted to practice at the Presentation Site.

Tips for Competition Days

  • Your team will compete on two of the four tournament days. It will present its Team Challenge solution on one day, and on the other day, it will complete its Instant Challenge. The following tips may help those days run more smoothly.
  • Set your team’s competition day schedule in advance so there will be no confusion. Require that your team stays together on your competition days until after Presentations.
  • Allow a lot of time to gather all the props and get to the Presentation Site.
  • If possible, let parents take the props to the Presentation Site so you can focus on the team. Never leave props unattended as they might be removed by security officials.
  • Make sure you have new sets of paperwork. Every tournament needs complete, new sets of all the required paperwork (i.e., Tournament Data Form, Declaration of Independence, Expense Report).
  • Send a duplicate set of paperwork to the Presentation Site with a parent.
  • Allow plenty of time for the team to get into costume, either at the dorm, hotel or Dressing Room at the
  • Challenge site.
  • Practice Instant Challenge without parents.

Important Reminder: Planning for your Challenge Solutions

We look forward to learning how your team uniquely solves this year’s Challenges. You and your team must remember that the DI Challenge Program consists of three components: the Central Challenge, Team Choice Elements, and the Instant Challenge. Teams sometimes overlook the importance of the Instant Challenge to their overall score. The Instant Challenge is 25% of your team’s overall score, and is designed to assess teamwork, fluency, flexibility, originality, and your team’s approach to Challenges. A goal of the DI Challenge Program is to teach your team to see challenges or problems as “opportunities” and to learn that through practice your team can master strategies for successful Instant Challenge solutions. The Destination Imagination Roadmap document can provide assistance in preparing your team for its Instant Challenge. It has a skills inventory to help your team identify the team members’ strengths. The Roadmap also provides team building guidelines and practice sets of Instant Challenges that will prepare your team members for their tournament experience.  Your team will find the Roadmap in your Destination Imagination Program Materials starting on page 109. The roadmap is also accessible through the online Destination Imagination Resource Area.

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