Global Finals 2014



  • Will our International Ambassador team be the same age?

    We try to keep the ages similar when we pair teams. However, teams will always be paired with their respective levels (e.g. Middle Level with Middle Level, and Secondary Level with Secondary Level).
  • Can any team participate in The International Ambassadors Program?

    YES! Any team can participate in this amazing experience. We encourage everyone to consider if this program would be a good fit for their team.
  • How can we avoid paying the $3750 Team Registration fee?

    If a team decides not to stay in Destination Imagination/UT housing, a $3,750 registration fee must be paid to Destination Imagination and included when the team registers online. The fee includes 10 Event Passes and lunches. For an additional $1000 (total $4750), the team will receive 10 event passes that include all meals (dinner on Wed, breakfast/lunch/dinner on Thu, Fri & Sat). In order to be exempt from the registration fee, each team must purchase no fewer than one A-level package for the Team Manager and one A-level package for each team member. For example, a six-member team must purchase seven A-level packages (i.e., one extra for the Team Manager).
  • What happens if I want to stay in a hotel instead of a Residence Hall?

    On your housing form, you can note your housing requests. The University of Tennessee will do its best to accommodate every request, but no guarantees are made.
  • How can I find out where we're going to be staying at Global Finals?

    When you check in at Registration, your Team Manager will receive your housing information. The Team Manager decides who rooms together.
  • Does everyone need to have their Parental Consent forms with them? ...and who gets to use the General Consent form?

    Every team member under the age of 18 must bring a signed Parental Consent Form. Everyone over 18 needs the General Consent form. You will turn these documents in at Registration in Knoxville.
  • We have some special dietary needs. Do we need to make special arrangements?

    You can let us know about your diet needs while you register online! We know how important your health is and we will provide meal options that will be acceptable for you.
  • Can we purchase meals on a per meal basis?

    You cannot purchase meals on a per meal basis, but we do offer Event Passes with Lunches. This pass is $125.00 per person and covers lunches on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  If purchased onsite additional $5 fee will be added.
  • Are the prices the same for participants, spectators, chaperones and kids?

    The price points are the same for everyone, except for children four years old and under. As long as a child four years old or younger will share existing bedding (housing package) with his/her parent, and will eat from the parent's plate, the child does not need a housing/meal package. However, the child must have an Event Pass for safety and security reasons. Event Passes for children 4 years of age and younger are free.
  • How do I know if you received my team registration?

    An automated e-mail will be sent once the registration and payment information is entered. Please be aware that some spam filters can block this message. Please make sure to check your spam/junk folder.
  • How can I get my housing assignments?

    You will get your housing assignments when you check in your team at TRECS in Knoxville.
  • What do I do if Registration closes before my team arrives?

    Even though Registration may be closed, the Event Office at Trecs is open 24 hours a day. Just head over there after and they’ll have your housing info ready for you.  Make sure to come back the next day to register your team, though!
  • Can I send separate checks from parents or does it have to be one check?

    You can send as many checks as you need to – but please remember to note your Team Number on EACH check!
  • Can my money be refunded if someone cancels?

    Changes can be made to individual housing and meal packages until Friday, May 2, 11:59 p.m. EDT. After May 2, individual registration package cancellations will incur a $100 cancellation fee. Cancellation must be submitted in writing by the Team Manager via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or faxed to (856) 324-4371. After May 9, cancellations can only be made in the Registration and Orientation Area at TRECS in Knoxville.
  • We paid for our ground pickup, but someone cancelled on us. Can we get our money back?

    Space must be reserved and paid for each transfer (both arrival & departure) at least 14 days in advance. No refunds will be given after May 9th.
  • How can I get picked up or dropped off at the airport?

    Ground transfers are available at in April. After your order is placed, you will receive an email from UT confirming your arrival/departure pick up.  For more info please contact UT at 865-974-0263.


University Level


Schedule for Challenge Solution Presentation

  • What if we're scheduled at a time that we cannot make it? Can we change our presentation time?

    We try our best to accommodate your scheduling requests. Please e-mail us letting us know specifically what the conflict is, and we will try to work it out. If you know ahead of time what your schedule needs are, please include them in the special needs section when you register online.
  • I'm not sure when and where my team is competing. How can I find out?

    Log in to Under teams, click on "schedule". The following schedule will be posted:

    • 3 wks prior to Opening Ceremony, day (i.e. Thu, Fri, Sat) will be listed
    • 2 wks prior to Opening Ceremony, am or pm will be listed
    • 1 wk prior to Opening Ceremony, specific time (full schedule) will be listed


Challenge Presentation Misc.

  • Can we have a professional videographer record our Challenge?

    We do not have a videographer that you can schedule, but feel free to bring your camcorder and have a chaperone record your presentation.



  • What is the International Ambassadors Program?

    International Ambassadors is a program where U.S. teams are paired with International Teams to allow for a multicultural experience. The teams support one another and have the opportunity to learn firsthand about different cultures. Teams attending Global Finals can check the appropriate box when registering if they want to participate in this opportunity.
  • Will our International Ambassador team speak English?

    Not necessarily. However, most non English speaking teams have a translator. Some of the best experiences have come from the team really having to try to understand each other. This is what DI is all about!
  • Will our International Ambassador team be doing the same Challenge as our team?

    We try not to pair teams doing the same Challenge. That way you are not competing against your International Ambassador team.
  • How big of a time commitment is The International Ambassadors Program?

    The International Ambassadors Program is as big a commitment as your team wants it to be. Typically teams support one another during performance times, hang out together and attend a few extra events. Together most teams that have done The International Ambassadors Program in the past found that the time commitment is very manageable.


  • Can my team use the box and ball logo to make shirts?

    Teams and individuals with paid Team Numbers who are registered with Destination Imagination Affiliates may produce "handmade" shirts or other products utilizing the words "Destination Imagination®" and any of the DI logos. No license fee to Destination Imagination, Inc. is required, as long as the total number of each product is less than 21 per team/individual. Vendors are not allowed to provide these "handmade" products.




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